A combination of technological expertise and modern design, the Géode skylight has been developed to meet the needs of contemporary building markets.   It can also accommodate opening roof lights 52mm horizontals and verticals are assembled at right angles to provide seamless drainage.

Infill (20 to 32mm) is held in position by means of aluminium pressure plates placed at intervals on horizontals and continuous pressure plates on verticals.

Straight caps are clipped:

onto vertical pressure plates only to obtain a vertical line effect. Pressure plates on horizontals are round (diameter 60mm).
or on to vertical and horizontal pressure plates to obtain a grid effect.

The façade is weather-proofed on the inside by means of continuous EPDM gaskets and, on the outside, by means of butyl strips on verticals and silicone seals on foam seals on horizontals. This skylight has been classed A3 EE VE.

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